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Dafna is a dancer, a young choreographer, a dance producer and an Ilan Lev method therapist born in 1993 in Haifa, Israel. 

She began dancing ballet and Israeli folklore at the age of three at the Zichron Yaaqov Dance Academy. 

In 2011 She graduate with honors from Ort Hashomron High School Dance Program, where she was trainedin ballet, modern (graham), improvisation, and composition. She created a duet as her final project, and received an excellencescholarship in dance.

In 2013 Dafna joined 'NAYA' Ensemble under theartistic direction of Oren Tishler and Tamar Lerner. As part of the ensemble she practiced contact improvisation, modern and contemporary dance.

Parallel to her work with 'NAYA' that year she co-created a filmed dance piece called 'Flaming Fields' in collaboration with visual editor Maya Sharon. The filmed piece was an adaptation of her original solo, 'Field', which was created and performed the same year. After the filmed version was released, she developed the same solo work into a trio. 

Between 2014-2016 Dafna participated in 'Hasadna Haifa' – an intensive two-year dancer training program.
As part of the program she had the privilege to work with the following top line Israeli choreographers: Noa Shiloh, Idan Porges, Ido Batash, Merav Choen and more.
In 2016, during her last year at the program, she created an original solo work called  'Part S'.

In this piece Dafna was intrigued to explore the possibilities in holding and letting go, the diverse connections between these two as actions as well as mental states.
She was invited by Erez Maayan and Anat Katz, the artistic directors of Intimadance Festival, to present "Part S" at 'Tmuna' theater in Tel Aviv as part of the Festival. 

In 2022 she renewed  'Part S' and performed it at Habait Theater.

In 2017 Dafna joined Carmela Dance Group as a dancer and co-creator under the artistic direction of Noa Shiloh. She spent two years with the group, performing and taking part in collaborative artistic processes.
She have worked with notable Israeli choreographers, such as: Noa Shiloh, Doron Raz Avraham, Moran Zilberberg and Merav Dagan.

In 2018 she was invited by the founder of 'Karov Meod' (Very Close) Festival, Eilit Marom, to create a specific work for the festival, which prompted her to create another original solo piece 'Salt Water Mixed with Air'.
The piece was performed under the starry skies at night-time inside a water fountain located next to Haifa's harbor, while the audience passed by and could surround the fountain, allowing all viewers to become almost participants, watching the work from different angles and perspectives.

In 2019-2020 Dafna returned to Carmela Dance Group as a founding member to work as a rehearsal manager in addition to dancing professionally.  

In 2019-2021 she was invited to create two new group dance pieces for the students of Hasadna Haifa, 'A part of view' and 'Flickering Fields'.

In 2020-2021 Dafna created her solo work 'Infemine' and the filmed dance piece 'Merit Strategy'. In both pieces she reflects on different aspects of femininity. On the edges that ones holds within simultaneously, the urges, the need to control and those moments one let itself drift away.

During those years she graduated from the Ilan Lev method (ILM) practitioners training program and received her certification.

In November 2023 Dafne premiered with her new piece, a duet called 'HANDS and HEARTS' and continues to perform with it during this current times.

Simultaneously to her creations, Dafna works as the producer of the Israeli choreographer Sharon Vazanna and produces the 'Shlombal' dance workshop lead by Israeli choreographer Shlomit Fundaminsky.

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